torek, 01. april 2014

REVIEW: Essence Cookies & Cream

I went to DM yesterday and I found this new cute Essence TE Cookies & Cream. I was in a hurry so I grabbed just few things.

The first one is Cookies & Cream hand balm. The packaging is so cute and smells like creamy cupcakes. It's kinda moisturising and makes my hands silky and smooth.

price: 1,99 € in DM (Slovenia)

Creamy cookies! The innovative formula of the balm contains milk protein and cotton extracts for smooth, supple hands and beautiful nails. It provides moisture, makes your hands feel soft enough to caress and gives them an irresistible cookie scent, too! Thanks to the airy-light formula, the balm is absorbed super-fast. 

01 keep calm and have a cupcake

The next one is Cookies & Cream eyeshadow 02 MACARON, C'EST BON!

It looks like peachy rose color. The texture is smooth and silky. It's not highly pigmented but it's ok for me. I prefer gentle and soft eyeshadows.

price: 3,19 € in DM (Slovenia)

The eyeshadow has a convincing smooth texture to conjure-up gorgeous, shimmering eye make-up.

Cookies & Cream eyeshadow 02 Macaron, c'est bon!

And the last one is Cookies & Cream lipgloss 01 MACARON, C'EST BON!
Cute peachy rose color, but it's almost invisible on your lips, just shiny and it's non-sticky what I like.

price: 2,19 € in DM (Slovenia)

The aromatic lipgloss ensures a sweet scent sensation as well as shiny lips in vanilla and pink. Welcome to the beauty wonderland!
Cookies & Cream lipgloss 01 Macaron, c'est bon!