sreda, 10. junij 2015

Essence ''BRIT-TEA'' limited edition (first impressions & swatches)

Hi everyone!

After a looooong time here I am again. I am so busy latelly, so I don't have time to blog.
This colection is probably on many blogs by now, but I'm gonna write about it anyway.

Everyone who knows me knows that I'm obsessed with Essence limited editions, ecpecially if it's cute and girly. So I again fell for this one.

First I'm gonna start with these cute rose shaped earring set, which contains two pairs of earrings in rose and pink colour.

price: 2,19 €

brit-tea earring set 01 blossoms

Next one is lip balm, which is packed in a cute small box with a flower opening.

price: 2,49 € for 6g/0.21oz

brit-tea lip balm 01 vanilla ice-t baby
What does Essence say?
- Beauty gift… the balm pampers your lips and gives them a subtle touch of pink at the same time. Thanks to the cute packaging with a flower opening, this lip balm isn’t just a care highlight - it’s lovely to look at, too.

What I think?
- For me it's very similar to Nivea lip butter raspberry kiss, both are exactly the same colour and the texture is pretty much the same. Nivea one smells like raspberry and this one smells more like vanilla with a little bit of raspberry and has sweet taste. It makes my lips soft and gives them nice light pink colour, as you can see on the swatch bellow.

brit-tea lip balm 01 vanilla ice-t baby

I also bought two lipglosses. One is apricot and the other one is pink colour.

price: 1,99 € each for 4ml/0.13fl.oz

What does Essence say?
- Tea or coffee? Apricot and pink with iridescent shimmer particles create a cool, shiny finish on your lips. The long-lasting formula feels wonderfully pleasant and offers subtle color dispersion.

What I think?
 - They are very easy to apply and don't stick my lips togerther. I like the smell of both, but I prefer the pink one, because it has much less glitter and it's more milky.

brit-tea lipgloss 01 tea is the new coffee

brit-tea lipgloss 01 tea is the new coffee - swatch
brit-tea lipgloss 02 pink to go
brit-tea lipgloss 02 pink to go - swatch

So far I haven't had any illuminating base yes, so I decided to bought this one to try it.

price: 2,79 € for 30ml/1.01fl.oz

brit-tea illuminating base 01 make tea not war

What does Essence say?
- Party glow… the illuminating base gives your face a natural, subtle shimmer and a beautiful, radiant complexion. It can be applied as a primer underneath your make-up or used on its own – either way, a subtle glow is guaranteed.

What I think?
- I like the smell of fresh roses. It's quite runny but it doesn't bother me that much. It blends out nicely. I haven't tried it under make up yet so I don't know how it works, but I did try it on my face and i like it. It makes my skin fresh and radiant and it doesn't dry out my skin.

Here is how it looks:

I love brushes from Essence, thats why I bought this one to try it and it's cute too.
price: 2,19 €

brit-tea eyeshadow brush 01 keep calm and have some tea

The brush has two ends, one thinner and other thicker. The bristles are very soft.

And the last but not the least, nail file with cute tea cups print.

price: 1,39 €

The nail file is small and practical to keep it in your purse and grab it whenever you need it. It's rough enough to easily file your nails with it.

Have you bought any of these products? Which one is your favorite?

Thank you for reading! :)

nedelja, 29. marec 2015

REVIEW: Essie help me grow 5-day growth base

Hi everyone!

Those who follow me on my Instagram know that I started testing Essie help me grow 5-day growth base coat few days ago. Today is day 5 and I wanted to share my results with you.

What does Essie say?
- Formulated with argan oil and micro-nutrient rich algae extract to help protect nails from
damage and breakage. Provides a smooth surface ideal for colour application.

What i think?
- My nails break often when they grew up to certain lenght, that's why I decided to try it. I applied the base coat only on one hand to be able to see the difference between growing my nails with and without base coat. It dries really fast and gives you smooth and shiny finish. The application is very easy due to handy brush.

 After 5 days, the nails with base coat grew longer than the ones without, but the difference is not so obvious, which I expected. I will continue with this for the next 5 days for better results.

Here are my nails during 5 days:

These are my nails from day 1:

and these are after 5 days:

Have you tried this product? What do you think?

Thank you for reading! :)

torek, 10. marec 2015

REVIEW: Essence Cinderella

So... Cinderella is officially in town!
I was looking for it in DMs but like always they are very behind with new editions, so I was very excited when I saw it in Müller. I only wanted to buy the blush because of its cute packaging and bright peachy color and I ended up buying lipglosses and two nail polishes too.

price: 1,49 € for 8ml/0.27fl.oz

01 sing, sweet nightingale
02 bibbidi-bobbidi-boo

I picked two nail polishes (01 sing, sweet nightingale and 02 bibbidi-bobbidi-boo). The first one is light rose color and the second is purple with a little gray, but both of them have nice and smooth porcelain finish.

The application is very easy and surprisingly I have to say that the nail polish dries very quickly, unlike all the other Essence nail polishes I have.

02 bibbidi-bobbidi-boo
01 sing, sweet nightingale


The blush was on my wishlist since I saw the previews of edition. I liked the color and of course the cute packaging too.

price: 3,59 € for 8g/0.28oz

The blush is quite pigmented and vibrant peach color to me, but what I noticed is that it's very similar to the silky touch blush 60 life's cherry. The only difference is that the silky touch blush is more pigmented and a little darker.

Here are the swatches to compare them:

I also bought two lipglosses, one pastel pink and other bright red. Both leaves sparkle effect on lips and are not to sticky, just a little.

price: 2,19 € for 4ml/0.13fl.oz

left: 01 sing, sweet nightingale & right: 02 so this is love

01 sing, sweet nightingale

02 so this is love

četrtek, 05. marec 2015

petek, 27. februar 2015

REVIEW: Essence Like an unforgettable kiss

This is probably one of my favorite limited edition from Essence. I just couldn't resist this cute packagings.

price: 7,79 € for 50ml

It smells like sweet, fruity, floral candy and it's perfect for spring or summer.

price: 3,59 € for 5,1g

01 nothing but lovestoned
02 pink me

This blushes have adorable, cute heart-shaped packaging and the colors are lovely too, the only thing I would prefer is better pigmentation, but it's buildable.

price: 1,99 € for 8ml

01 nothing but lovestoned
For me the brush is just the right size to evenly apply nail polish on my nails.


price: 2,49 € for 1,9g

The lipsticks have good pigmentation with shine finish and they also moisturize lips well.


01 nothing but lovestoned
02 pink me
03 keep calm and kiss me

price: 2,19 € for 13ml

01 keep calm and kiss me
The lip smoother has small sugar granules inside for peeling effect, that makes lips feel smooth and non-sticky while applying it on lips with circular motions.


01 keep calm and kiss me

price: 2,99 €

01 dear valentine!
The cutest brush ever with a purple heart in the middle of bristles. It's very easy to apply blush with it because of the slanted shape.