sreda, 16. julij 2014

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petek, 11. julij 2014

REVIEW: Essence Road trip

I went to DM yesterday and I saw this new collection from Essence called Road trip and I just had to buy some products... like I always do :D

First I grabbed those lovely nail polishes with four different effects - leather, asphalt, gasoline and thermo effect.

price: 1,99 € in DM (Slovenia) for 5ml/0.17fl.oz

And here are the swatches:

01 hit the road, red! (1 coat)


02 on the road again (2 coats)


03 i don't care! i love it! (2 coats)

04 my sweet escape (1 coat)

04 my sweet escape

left - wetted in hot water, right - wetted in cold water

Next one are two mini sheer lipsticks with medium coverage, smooth and velvet finish.

price: 2,19 € in DM (Slovenia) for 1,68g/0.059oz

01 hit the road, red!

01 hit the road, red!
02 my sweet escape

02 my sweet escape

All around balm - a multitalent that pampers lips, hands and nails as well as elbows and feet. It can be applied on any dry areas of skin.

price: 3,49 € in DM (Slovenia) for 15ml/0.50fl.oz

01 young, wild, awesome!
Dry shampoo is absolutely my favorite! It smells really nice, even after a while you can still smell it on your hair. It really refreshes my hair and absorbes grease.

price: 3,49 € in DM (Slovenia) for 50ml/1.69fl.oz

01 got my ticket to ride?
Deo wipes - the packaging contains 15 deo wipes

price: 1,39 € in DM (Slovenia)

01 let's go get lost!
 And the last one is styling set in a cute zipper bag with a mirror. Contains blush brush, eyeshadow brush, eyeliner brush and a tweezer.

price: 4,39 € in DM (Slovenia)

01 adventure is out there