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Preview: Essence Viva Brasil (trend edition)

Essence is presenting the coolest products for a summery brazil look with this trend edition!
Inspired by Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, this trend edition combines the feeling of the copacabana with a bright and tropical color scheme consisting of sunny yellow, red, pink, purple, green and blue. The absolute must-haves are the multicolour lip balms with their unique ring structure, the awesome eye & hair mascaras as well as the trendy effect nails sets. Stylish braided wristbands round off the look and are sure to put you in the mood for hot summer days.

on sale from 05.2014 to 06.2014

Your nails are guaranteed to shine in the most gorgeous brazilian colours with these nail polishes. The colours ensure a tropical summer mood and the long-lasting texture is sure to survive a refreshing dive into the glittering atlantic! 

01 i ♥ brasil    02 everbody salsa    03 ka-ka-karnival    04 cool azul    05 yeah, copacabana!

Whether at the beach or in the city – the highly-pigmented and long-lasting eyeshadows in purple, pink and green give all rio girls a colourful eye make-up style. The blossom embossment on the texture is also a true eye-catcher.
01 everybody salsa      02 i ♥ brasil      03 ka-ka-karnival.

Tropical complexion! The silky-soft blush in pink and red gives your cheeks an irresistible touch of fresh colour – absolutely essential for the ultimate rio look. The unique embossment turns this blush into a visual highlight, too!
01 i ♥ brasil            02 destination: sao paulo!.

This extraordinary lip balm has a unique triple ring structure. On top of offering light colour-dispersion, they also pamper your lips!

01 colour parade                   02 olá brasil!

The glitter effect powder with a cool neon finish creates fashionable 3d nail designs with a guaranteed wow-effect! Now all samba girls can show off their nails!

01 colour parade                       02 olá brasil!

These eye & hair mascaras are ideal for all samba beauties: use them to conjure-up bright purple, pink and green highlights on your lashes and in your hair. Can be washed out easily.

03 ka-ka-karnival
01 everbody salsa
02 i ♥ brasil
The trendy braided wristbands in yellow, green and pink are stylish accessories and guaranteed eye-catchers! The bright colours guarantee plenty of fun in the sun.

01 express your essence

Creatively decorate these transparent rings with nail polish, glitter or tiny rhinestones to go with your individual nail style. You can even remove the little work of art with nail polish remover once you’re done and create new designs to ensure lots of diversity!

01 we like to samba

This make-up bag has an unique design with a tropical blossom print to inspire lots of creative beauty looks! On top, you’re sure to find space for all your favorite products. Also ideal when you’re on the go.

01 sugarloaf mountain, here we come!

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