ponedeljek, 11. avgust 2014


Here is my first empties post:

First some make up products I've used up:

Essence I ♥ extreme crazy volume mascara

- I was always using L'oreal Paris double extension carbon black mascara and then I found this one and now I'm using it all the time

repurchase: yes

Essence eyeliner pen extra long lasting

- I bought this one after reading positive reviews about it on lots of blogs, but I was disappointed. It just didn't came out, like it was dr.

repurchase: no

Essence glow tinted lip balm - 03 brighten up!

- I like it, it makes my lips soft and it's really pigmented, even the next day I can see some leftovers on my lips

repurchase: maybe

Alverde color & care lipstick in shade 57 vibrant terra

- I like the texture and I like the shade

repurchase: yes

Balea Zucker Schnutte lip balm

- good lip balm, makes my lips soft and smooth

repurchase: yes, but it was limited edition

Other products I've used up:

Essence pure skin anti-spot micro peeling

- I thinkg I bought this 2-3 months ago only because it came with cleansing pad I wanted. It's gel with micro beads that gently remove my dead skin cells, just the scent is kinda medical for me which I don't really like. As far as blackheads I can't tell if it's effective or not, because I don't have problems with that.

repurchase: probably not

Essence my skin 4in1 cleansing cream

- I really like this one, it's soap free, for all skin types and the scent is nice too (pomegranate & bamboo). It says that the cream deeply cleans, refines, moisutrizes and mattifies skin and I agree with everytihng except with moisturizing ( I have dry skin and it doesn't do anything for my skin)

repurchase: yes

Balea handcreme Beautiful berries

- that cream smells amazing, that's all I'm gonna say

repurchase: yes, but it was limited edition :(

Balea soft & care perfect teint

- I bought it in shade naturell a long time ago, I don't remember if other shades were available. The texture is ok but it's too shiny for me. It has small glitters and when you put it on your face - it doesn't look good.

repurchase: no

Balea beruhigende hautcreme

- I always use this cream after depilation, epilation or shaving. It calms and moisturizes my skin.

repurchase: already did

Essence nail polish remover

- the only nail polish remover I always go back to

repurchase: already did

MIYO remove me!

- the worst nail polish remover I've ever had. It takes time to remove all nail polish.

repurchase: no

Balea deo roll-on mango vanille & Balea roll-on Zucker Schnute

- I always like deo roll-ons from Balea, they are alcohol free and the price is under 1€.

repurchase: yes, but those two were limited edition

Balea deospray Funky jungle

- average deospray

repurchase: no and it was limited edition I think

L'oreal Paris Elnett hairspray - normal hold

- one of my favorite hairsprays

repurchase: already did, but a bigger one

Intesa styling ecofix hairspray with nettle extract and panthenol

- average hairspray

repurchase: maybe

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  1. Pozdravljena! Prvo oprosti,da ti smetim blog, saj vprašanje ni na to temo. Sama sem želela pisati blog in sem se prijavila na blogspot. Zdaj mi vedno kaže dve obvestili za backup in ne vem kaj narediti. Prosim, če mi lahko pomagaš.

    1. Živjo! Malo pozno, ampak vseeno, žal ti ne morem pomagati, ker ne vem v čemu bi lahko bil problem. Sama nisem imela nikoli takih težav.